Facilitated Dialogue with Students with Disabilities on Finding Employment

Monday 16th September, 2013

Louisa facilitated a dialogue with around 25 students and recent graduates with disabilities regarding the challenges they face in finding employment and their ideas for solutions to make the job hunt easier. This was organised by NGO Community Business and was held at Barclays offices.

It was part of the Community Business project entitled ‘Tapping a Pool of Disabled Talent’. This builds on the successful ‘Open To You’ inclusive recruitment event held earlier in 2013 and will feed an ongoing research project looking at the experience and perspectives of students with disabilities in Hong Kong as they select an employer.

Louisa ran a group discussion in which the students offered their greatest challenges in searching for employment during and after graduation. Issues which emerged were concerns around how and when to disclose a disability, students’  lack of confidence and weak communication skills, poor dissemination of information  by companies and limited comprehension of the type of adjustments (often small) that are required to enable a person with a disability to do their job.

Students then broke out into small groups to brainstorm possible solutions to address these problems. Community Business will publish these in a report in December 2013.