Disability in Universities (HK)

How Hong Kong’s Universities Recruit, Admit and Support Students with Disabilities

By Louisa Mitchell for Civic Exchange and Community Business.

Published in Hong Kong in March 2012.

Available in English and  中文.

EnglishChinese version

An assessment of the support services in place for students with disabilities at Hong Kong’s universities, with a focus on the key transition points from school to university and from university into employment. It comprises depth interviews with admissions staff, focus groups with students and some data analysis on the numbers of students with disabilities. The report summarises the findings and makes recommendations for government, universities and philanthropists on how to improve the support available for students with disabilities in Hong Kong today.

The Equal Opportunities Commission has started a formal gap analysis with the universities  as a result of this research. Community Business, an NGO that promotes corporate social responsibility, held an event in October 2012 called Shaping Best Practice in Internship Programmes for Students with Disabilities which was attended by some of Hong Kong’s leading companies and where Louisa Mitchell presented the findings of the research.